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Areas of Expertise

General Management and Operational Experience

Hands-on experience in Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Laboratory Management, Organizational Design and Development, Engineering Management, Manufacturing, Logistics, Human Resources, Finance, Quality, Six-Sigma.

Subject Matter Expert

Industrial markets, Global Laboratory Products markets (Laboratory Glass and Plastics Consumables and Instruments), Automotive Structural Adhesives and Composites, Bio-Specimen Storage, Chemicals, Glass and Plastics Rigid Packaging; Organizational Culture as a Business Strategy.

Acquisitions Expertise

Business strategy specific to growth through acquisitions. Identification of targets, making contact, negotiations and post acquisition integration. Acted as an acquirer and as an acquired business for public and private companies ranging from $7MM to $34Bn. Have managed the spin-out of Wheaton Industries from the USD34 Bn Alcan to Private Equity and the recapitalization with a successive P/E firm.

My Mission is Clear:

To transfer my business and industry knowledge to you in such a manner that you are enabled to make better informed business decisions.

Benefit From Our Services

Small to Medium Sized Business Owners or Executives

Mid-Market Private Equity Firms

Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Subject Matter Knowledge and Experience

Front-line and Senior Management experience in Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Laboratory Management, Organizational Design and Development, Engineering Management, Manufacturing, Logistics, Human Resources, Finance, Quality, Six-Sigma.

Products, Technology and Services Expertise: Basic Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals, Gases, Structural Adhesives and Composites, Laboratory and Industrial Balances and Scales, Rigid Packaging, Laboratory Consumables (glass, plastic), Laboratory Instruments and Equipment.

Markets and Applications Knowledge

In-Depth Knowledge of the U.S. and Global Laboratory Products Markets. This Includes Manufacturing Companies, Channels To Market, Scientific Application Areas, Market Dynamics (Products-Price-Promotion) as well as Market Consolidation History and Current Opportunities.


Strategy determines financial results and organizational effectiveness drives strategy outcomes. • Hence, I believe that business and financial success is predicated upon Strategy, Leadership, Integrity, Organizational Culture, Communications, Alignment and Execution.

Company Culture

Company culture is the foundation of a viable business strategy. A business will thrive or perish based on how your employees feel about their commitment to the success of the company. Your organization and rewards methods have to support your business strategy.

Acquisitions Expertise

Acquisitions are not a panacea. Done right, though, they can benefit the seller, the acquirer, the employees and the customers. This means having a strategy, being thorough in your targeting, negotiations and offer and meticulously planning the post acquisition integration.

I have been through this process innumerable times as the lead in making acquisitions for Dow Chemical, Alcan, and Wheaton Industries under the umbrella of River Associates (P/E) and PNC Equity Partners.

Coach to Business Leaders

Without support and access to knowledge in running a business, you may struggle to make your business a success. Your passion and enthusiasm can quickly drain away. • You are overwhelmed with ideas and information, and you need a trusted source to help you design and implement a compelling action plan to take your business to the next level. • You know what you need to do — but you need systems and structure in your business to get things done efficiently. Stephen has first-hand experience over decades and multiple companies in developing a systems-and-processes based business. This organizational approach yields measurable results, codified and repeatable systems and continuous feedback of performance and priorities to the business. A significant benefit is that organizational and management "stress" is turned into productive energy. I can: • Help you look at the big picture for your business and life. • Guide you in enhancing your business skills and intellectual development. • Provide candid feedback to you about your strengths and weaknesses. • Help you identify business opportunities. • Help you define and implement effective strategies in line with your goals for your business. • Listen to your business challenges, help you set goals and develop a plan, and require you to carry out and implement your plans. • Encourage and motivate you, building your business confidence.

Global Experience

Sales and Marketing
Business Partnerships
Business Practices and Culture

About Stephen Drozdow

Stephen Drozdow, Principal, has extensive experience in Board Leadership, C-Suite Management, Strategy, Marketing & Sales, Finance, Maximizing Organizational Effectiveness and Operations, earned in a broad range of world-class companies.

Stephen served as Executive Chairman, President and CEO of WHEATON INDUSTRIES – a broad line manufacturer of pharmaceutical packaging, life science and laboratory research and production products. Stephen began his stint with WHEATON when it was a subsidiary of ALLUSUISE-LONZA and as it evolved into an ALCAN PACKAGING operating unit. Stephen led WHEATON’s spin out to the PE firm RIVER ASSOCIATES in late 2006 and subsequently to PNC EQUITY PARTNERS in 2010. Prior to WHEATON, Stephen served in increasingly senior roles with multiple industrial and life science manufacturers, automotive suppliers and chemical companies, including HONEYWELL (Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, Strategic Operations Planning), DOW CHEMICAL (Marketing, Laboratory Management, General Management) and METTLER-TOLEDO (Marketing, Sales, Technology Management, Strategic Planning).

Stephen earned a BS in Engineering from Clarkson University and a MBA-Management from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Stephen served as Chairman of the 120+ member Laboratory Products Association, representing manufacturers, distributors and media organizations serving the science discovery market. Stephen has 7 years of military service (artillery) as a non-commissioned officer (Sergeant First Class, E-7). Stephen has been an Adjunct Professor in the Masters Program for General Management at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

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